Finished!  They’re really bad photos, but I’m kinda happy with what I’ve made.  So there’s this “art scavenger hunt” kind of thing every Friday called “atxfreeartfriday” where participants can essentially leave their art around the city and then post clues on where they hid them on Instagram.  I thought making some quick work would be fun.  

I couldn’t get this done in time for today, but next Friday!

Working on somethin’ I’ve had my eye on for a while now! #spratx I’m coming for you….next week! #atxfreeartfriday #goldenacrylics#geometry#freeart

Those moments when you like what you’ve done, but don’t know how to proceed. #sketch#mermaid

#sketch  #mermaid  

I just realized I don’t know how to draw things partially submerged in water. UHHHH….. #hair#wip#sketch

#hair  #sketch  #wip  


I’m very near 500 followers here on my art blog, and very near 2,000 on my personal blog! It’s most definitely time for another art giveaway~ Each drawing will include one character of the winner’s choice!


- Likes do not count, but you may reblog as many times as you want

-Anyone is welcome! You do not need to follow either of my blogs to be eligible

-remember to keep your ask box open once the giveaway is over!

The giveaway will end September 25, 2014. I will message the winners on October 1!

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Just fade out and take it.

Been watching and rewatching the Hunger of the Pine video.  Super simple concept, heartbreaking to watch.  

Done with line work, gonna start inking and crossing my fingers. #sketch#arrows

#sketch  #arrows  

I swear I’m alive.  Have a WIP of what I’m working on!  

On my last night in Seattle, I played a trippy looking arcade game named “Centipede”.  I guess this is kind of based off of it.  Kind of….