So I’m finally back home from Seattle, and I’ll finally be back working tomorrow.  I really need the money, haha…oh god.

I need to call my internship because they haven’t responded to me when I emailed them my schedule for the fall semester and if starting at a later date was okay because I messed up appointments.  My dad just told me off about how silly that was, and that this should be my priority over doctor appointments, and I should just reschedule the appointment.  In hindsight, he’s right.

I know I should call my internship to verbally confirm when I’m starting, the days I should come in, and the times I should come.  I feel like I’m being such a bother, being annoying and doing this all wrong.  The more I think about calling tomorrow, the more I’m stressing out.  I think hearing, “actually, you don’t need to bother coming in after all” is what I’m most afraid of.  I don’t even know if I’m supposed to call them at all, or who to talk to, or if they’d be too busy.  Just.  HURGH THIS MAKES ME NERVOUS AND IT’S NOT LIKE I EVEN STARTED YET.

I just realized I’m going to be a college senior, and I still look like I’m 15 with perpetual dark circles under my eyes, and a constantly worried//irritated//bored look on my face.

More pixeling practice.  I used a photo from here.  I don’t know who the photographer is, though after some research, I now know that I based this image off a photo of a statue nicknamed the Jumper by Anthony Gormley.  I didn’t realize it had a suicidal connotation to it until I tried finding out the source of the image.

I honestly just really liked the photo of the building.  OTL


Pill popper pack guaranteed to make you feel alive again.

Graphic design homework that I actually liked making! #collage #magazine #graphic design #art

I don’t know…  Not sure if I like it just black and white, or with the red.

Played “Tess” a few days ago.  My god that game was depressingly good. Short and bittersweet. You can try it out here.  Takes like 15-20 mins to finish.

Transistor is a wonderful and beautiful game I’ll most likely not be able to touch ever again because it’s too beautiful for my computer to handle.

Anonymous asked: Hi Lauren, my name is Eduardo from Peru. i want to you ask if you already draw a frog or a nigthjar. i really love it you way of drawing and how creater you are. Well, i really love frogs and nigthjars so i will be happy if you do someone for me. Thank you :)

Ahhh, I tried!  I was trying to draw a frog in a different style and make it all fancy, but I couldn’t get it to work.  I hope you forgive me for taking so long!

Stay awesome.image

#ask  #anon  #frog  

More practicing with pixels!  It’s my pencil bag.  It holds quite a bit of stuff including random things like bobby pins, tablet pens, lipstick, and a boxcutter.  

In hindsight, I think my pencil bag is the closest thing I have to a purse.