I swear I’m alive.  Have a WIP of what I’m working on!  

On my last night in Seattle, I played a trippy looking arcade game named “Centipede”.  I guess this is kind of based off of it.  Kind of….

More pixeling practice.  I used a photo from here.  I don’t know who the photographer is, though after some research, I now know that I based this image off a photo of a statue nicknamed the Jumper by Anthony Gormley.  I didn’t realize it had a suicidal connotation to it until I tried finding out the source of the image.

I honestly just really liked the photo of the building.  OTL


Pill popper pack guaranteed to make you feel alive again.

Graphic design homework that I actually liked making! #collage #magazine #graphic design #art

I don’t know…  Not sure if I like it just black and white, or with the red.

Played “Tess” a few days ago.  My god that game was depressingly good. Short and bittersweet. You can try it out here.  Takes like 15-20 mins to finish.

Transistor is a wonderful and beautiful game I’ll most likely not be able to touch ever again because it’s too beautiful for my computer to handle.

Anonymous asked: Hi Lauren, my name is Eduardo from Peru. i want to you ask if you already draw a frog or a nigthjar. i really love it you way of drawing and how creater you are. Well, i really love frogs and nigthjars so i will be happy if you do someone for me. Thank you :)

Ahhh, I tried!  I was trying to draw a frog in a different style and make it all fancy, but I couldn’t get it to work.  I hope you forgive me for taking so long!

Stay awesome.image

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More practicing with pixels!  It’s my pencil bag.  It holds quite a bit of stuff including random things like bobby pins, tablet pens, lipstick, and a boxcutter.  

In hindsight, I think my pencil bag is the closest thing I have to a purse.