Hey there, owlieclawdraws here- I’m doing a sticker giveaway!

The winner will receive one from two categories, the animal stickers (owl/bat) and one from the pokemon (I have more in my store to choose from). I’ll also throw in an Autumn Delights sticker sheet- 3 sheets in all!


  • Reblog to enter, Likes do not count. You don’t need to follow me.
  • No more than one reblog per day (no giveaway only blogs)
  • Winner will be chosen by random number generator
  • I will ship anywhere in the world (if not US, they may not arrive till after Halloween.)
  • Please have your ask box open to be notified. If I have no reply within 24 hours, the prize will go to someone else.
  • Ends Thursday, OCT 23rd

Have fun and safe Halloween this year and good luck everyone!

And reblog for the early-night crowd. I will continue to thank everyone for their support <3

Those moments when you’ve spent so much time on a sketch you can’t tell if you like or hate it anymore. #sketch #creepyplantdude #plants

I’m still so sad about it…..

I used to collect paint chips for no reason, but it’s nice to finally get around to using them for something! Really like making these little boogers.

The one and only band I still love as much as I did in high school as I do now. Thanks for getting me through all these years. Always and ever, I’ll never let go. Thank you. #interpolnyc #interpol #latergram

Even though I live in Texas, I never had a churro before until my cousin took me to this churro trailer.  They had a bunch of nontraditional flavors and the area was pretty neat.  I went with the one with sliced almonds, whipped cream, and a generous helping of blackberry sauce.  It was magical. 

Finished!  They’re really bad photos, but I’m kinda happy with what I’ve made.  So there’s this “art scavenger hunt” kind of thing every Friday called “atxfreeartfriday” where participants can essentially leave their art around the city and then post clues on where they hid them on Instagram.  I thought making some quick work would be fun.  

I couldn’t get this done in time for today, but next Friday!

Working on somethin’ I’ve had my eye on for a while now! #spratx I’m coming for you….next week! #atxfreeartfriday #goldenacrylics#geometry#freeart

Those moments when you like what you’ve done, but don’t know how to proceed. #sketch#mermaid

#sketch  #mermaid  

I just realized I don’t know how to draw things partially submerged in water. UHHHH….. #hair#wip#sketch

#hair  #sketch  #wip