A little wip….

So I redid my typography project from last semester.  My professor told us to create our own type by hand and I decided to make my letters out of paper flowers and put them into letter forms.   

Rather fitting for spring, no?

The one internship I thought I had a pretty good chance at getting just turned me down.  Awesome.  I’m so stressed out, and it just dawned to me that after one more month, I’ll only have a year before I have to get job, and I can’t even find an internship.  I feel pathetic.

I know I’m not the best at advertising, I suck at thinking of tags and copy, and my PS and Illustrator are alright at best.  But I really thought, that actually being accepted into a competitive advertising portfolio program that I would gain more self confidence and be able to find something.  I don’t expect it to just fall in my lap, but I feel like I’m trying, but I’m just still so lacking.

I really liked making paper flowers for this this one art direction project. 

Okay, so I said I wasn’t gonna do any more circle thingies.  I lied, I’m sorry.  I think I’ll color this but I’m honestly not sure how. 

I hate coloring.  

Almost done!

Have some fungus guys, it’s good for you!

I just REALLY miss mushrooms. Portabella, oyster, anything really.

I was trying out beatfist's style of drawing birds.  The sketch was originally for a tattoo design, but I just wanted to play with brushes in PS.

It’s a mockingbird!  State bird.  REPRESEENT.

Guess who I’ve been listening to lately? 

Too bad I’m still not too impressed by her minus one or two songs.